Souls of Venice – Anime di Venezia: Lorenzo Quinn’s New Work Exhibited in Venice


“Souls of Venice – Anime di Venezia” is sculptor Lorenzo Quinn’s latest creation, set to be exhibited in Venice from 20th April to 15th September 2024, commemorating the 700th anniversary of Marco Polo’s death and coinciding with the 60th Art Biennale.

A Venetian Celebration

The momentous event marks the beginning of the exhibition ‘The Worlds of Marco Polo: The Journey of a 13th-century Venetian Merchant”. The project is in collaboration with the Civic Museums Foundation and is under the patronage of the City of Venice and the Committee for the Celebrations of Marco Polo 700.

The installation comprises 15 mesh statues, each representing key figures from the history of La Serenissima. These statues reinforce the connection between the city and its artistic heritage, expressed through depictions of the historic Venetians who have helped make the city immortal.

The installation will be situated in the Atrium of Ca’ Rezzonico, a notable historical building overlooking the Grand Canal designed by Baldassare Longhena. The Palazzo is home to the Museum of 18th-century Venice.

700 Years of History

“Souls of Venice – Anime di Venezia” significantly shifts Quinn’s oeuvre. This fresh and iconic installation encapsulates the enduring bond between Venice and Lorenzo, marking his first venture into merging historical context with a museum’s space. Simultaneously, the exhibit merges immersive reality and physical objects to introduce a modern and dynamic twist.

“Venice is the epicenter of time. It’s where everything that ever was, is, and will be converges into an uninterrupted ‘forever.’ The souls featured in this journey—chosen among a myriad of possibilities—are voices that populate every present because Venice is made up of every aspect of its past. They are men and women who, by fully experiencing it, have reshaped Venice to make it what it is: they have created it, and in recounting their own tales, they tell the story of Venice. Together, they define the essence of Venice, the city of cities, with which they are forever linked in a legacy that this work cements.” said Alberto Toso Fei, the project’s Artistic Director.

Inside the Artistic Mastermind of Lorenzo

“Venice, in its entirety – past, present, and future – has inspired this installation, which aims to symbolize my ‘journey’ into the soul of the city,” explains Lorenzo Quinn. “It is a homage to all the ‘Souls’ that have lived here and will continue to do so for eternity.”

“Through artistic expression, individuals strive to articulate their past and present experiences. These statues, portraying notable Venetians, both women and men, stand as testaments to the singular nature of our existence as ‘works of art,’ crafted by the hands of Mother Earth herself”.

Lorenzo Quinn, an internationally acclaimed figurative artist, honed his skills at the American Academy of Fine Arts in New York, where he found his calling in sculpture among all the arts. Born in Rome, Italy, in 1966, he embarked on a new phase of his artistic journey while remaining committed to the themes and causes closest to his heart.

His extraordinary public artworks, as well as his smaller pieces, reflect his passion for timeless values and authentic emotions.



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