Building Bridges

April 6 – October 6, 2024

Marina di Pietrasanta

Six pairs of arms whose hands are firmly intertwined, forming a string of six bridges that symbolically project toward the sea and become bearers of a message of peace, love and hope for all, especially for those in various parts of the world who are grappling with suffering of all kinds, in particular those who do not see their inalienable rights recognized.

The six pairs of clasped hands, rising up to four meters above the ground, symbolize our common needs and desires and “Building Bridges” celebrates the six universal values of humanity, namely: Friendship, for our future together; Faith trusting one’s own heart and self-worth; Help, to build long-lasting relationships; Love, the fundamental purpose of everything; Hope, persevering in worthwhile endeavors; Wisdom, for mutually beneficial decisions.

“Building Bridges”, on view in front of the Tonfano Pier, is the “twin” of the 15-meter-high installation on display at the Venice Arsenal. It was inaugurated on April 6 in the presence of institutions including Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanchè.

Federica Rotondo is artistic project manager.

Of course, viewing of the work – which will remain at the site until next October 6 – is free and will undoubtedly characterize images of the 2024 Versilian summer.

Once Extraordinary Events handled institutional relations with the exposition venue, oversaw the set-up and take-down phases, the exhibition communication and artistic concept.  

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