Private Party

22-23 September 2023

A private, two-day event to celebrate the opening of the new Carolina Bucci flagship store in Florence, a renowned designer of jewellery created with great respect for craftsmanship and executed with elegance.
The brand and it’s creations are intertwined with the designer’s personal stories and the Bucci family heritage.
Each piece of fine jewellery is created in the goldsmith district of Florence.

A symbol of excellence in the production of fine jewellery, Carolina designs and creates pieces with a contemporary, unusual and intricate cut.
Like, for example, the first collection, which was produced through the use of a centuries-old loom originally designed for weaving cloth but adapted to weave threads of gold and silk.

Carolina, an art lover and fervently enamored with her hometown, is also part of and an active supporter of the Amici del Bargello association.

The first event of the two-day celebrations was held at the Bargello National Museum, located in the ancient Palazzo del Podestà which, by the royal decree of June 22, 1865, became the first Italian museum dedicated to the arts of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance .
Masterpieces belonging to the likes of Donatello, Luca della Robbia, Verrocchio, Michelangelo, are jealously guarded here.
For the occasion, reserved for a very select few international guests, the Once agency, in charge of coordinating the creativity and development of the two-day event, planned a closed-door tour of the main exhibition halls and a gala dinner with an imperial table in tones of elegance and romance.

The second appointment was instead designed to give guests a unique and unforgettable experience to savour the beauty of the Cradle of the Renaissance, even from an unusual perspective of the city.
In the splendid and evocative setting of the historic Rowing Club, guests were welcomed aboard the “Renaioli”, ancient Florentine boats, for a splendid sunset tour with the pleasant surprise of a floating bar under the vaults of the Ponte Vecchio.
A dinner based on the rediscovery of the ancient genuine flavors of the Florentine tradition with a mise-en-place of vibrant colors and aromas.

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