July 15, 2014

For the “Sidereus” exhibition held at the Boboli Gardens in Florence, Once Events oversaw all the organizational aspects, taking care of relations with institutions and sponsors, logistics, exhibition setups and communication.

The title “Sidereus” originates from the Sidereus Nuncius, the famous scientific treatise by Galileo Galilei, whose 450th birthday was celebrated in 2014 (Pisa, 15 February 1564). And it is precisely the infinite horizon, the most distant universe, the ‘celestial music’ and the light of the stars that inspired the project of the same name curated by artist Domenico Bianchi, created for the Limonaia Grande of Boboli. A monumental work, approximately 90 meters in length, articulated in a sequence of images and paintings made in different materials.
Specifically, it is a work created entirely on wood and wax with silver-palladium inserts; fifteen paintings of different sizes are rested loosely on the level below.

The project
The project was created by Once Events in collaboration with the Special Superintendency for the Historical, Artistic and Ethnoanthropological Heritage and for the Museum Center of the city of Florence and in partnership with MIA-Magazzino of Italian Art.

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