La Nazione
November 7 – 19, 2016

November 4, 1966. Fifty years later. Another indelible memory. Original documents, unpublished images and chronicles of the time are on display. La Nazione, the newspaper of Florentines and Tuscans that told the world about the Flood in all its details, has decided to dedicate an exhibition to commemorate that tragic date. 4 November 1966. After the official inauguration in the presence of the President of the Republic Mattarella, the public inauguration of the exhibition was held from Saturday the 5th until November 19th. In attendance were the undersecretary Luca Lotti, the patron of Fiorentina Andrea Della Valle and the director Franco Zeffirelli.

Various areas recount those dramatic days and the city’s reaction with photos, documentary films and testimonies. La Nazione wanted to contribute even more with a unique testimony given by colleagues who recounted what happened that November 4th fifty years ago.

Once Events designed the exhibition project and curated the installation.

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