December 5, 2021

The great event conceived and desired by the Artistic Director Steven Torrisi, a journey that began several years ago and has touched prestigious locations such as Taormina, Rome, Naples, Milan and now, for the second time in its history, returns to the beautiful city of art, cradle of the Renaissance, Florence.

The Kermesse
The eighth edition was hosted at the Franco Zeffirelli Foundation. The hosting of the evening was entrusted to the great Stefano Baragli and Ambra Lombardo. The kermesse was enriched by a technical jury of the highest level composed of, among many VIPs, Nando Moscariello, Alviero Martini, Anton Giulio Grande, Nino Lettieri. The artistic direction and the entire organization had Steven Torrisi at the helm. Not only fashion and luxury but also an opportunity to do good; actions that this award has bestowed since its first edition and, this time, the recipient was the very Franco Zeffirelli Foundation to which the sum of €10,000 was donated.

The guests
Noteworthy were the presence of the governor Eugenio Giani, Alviero Martini, Manuela Arcuri, Nina Moric, Fabio Canino, Regina Schrecker, Antonio Zequila for a long list of recognition statuettes that were offered to the winners; all to emphasize the contribution given to the diffusion of Made in Italy throughout the world.

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