April 24, 2013

The Golden Florin, the Pitti Immagine prize, the parade at the Uffizi Gallery (the first in the history of one of the most important museums in Italy), the new lighting of the Loggia dell’Orcagna in Piazza della Signoria donated on the occasion of the 40th ° anniversary of foundation.
There are many roots that link Stefano Ricci to his Florence where, since 1972, all of his collections have been created, witnesses of an authentic “100% Made in Italy”. An inseparable bond, which he finds in the boutique on via dei Pescioni, in the tailoring workshop on via de ‘Niccoli and in the new production site on the hills of Fiesole, further elements of belonging and attachment to the territory. Under these auspices, which have found in the acquisition of the Antico Setificio Fiorentino a new impulse for the protection and projection of an artisan tradition into the future, Stefano Ricci announced the agreement reached with the State Archives, aimed at safeguarding and to the promotion of a unique heritage in the world. The details of this new initiative strongly supported by the company’s creative director, Filippo Ricci, were presented to the press: “It is an honor for our family to be able to collaborate with the State Archives, such an important reality for our history and our territory. The agreement provides for the restoration of a first batch of 12 volumes which will subsequently be subjected to digitization work”.

The choice of volumes, made in collaboration with Once, was based on the affinities between what Stefano Ricci produces and the history of Florence. For this reason, after a careful analysis, the volumes of the Arte della Seta, the Arte della Lana and the Università de’ Linaioli were identified, found to be the most in need of restoration work and which will be carried out within the ‘State Archive of Florentine artisans. A union that strengthens the commitment that began with the purchase of the Antico Setificio Fiorentino, custodian of the tradition of the Silk Art of Florence, one of the seven Major Arts of the Arts and Crafts Guilds of medieval Florence.

On the occasion of the press conference, one of the many masterpieces kept in the heart of the State Archives was exhibited, the Book of condemnations of the rebellious families of the Municipality of Florence from 1302 to 1379 known as “del Chiodo”, which contains an exceptional historical document: the Dante Alighieri’s sentence to exile and capital punishment, dated 1302. A page of Florentine history that is back in the news, precisely in the days in which the anticipation is growing for the release of Dan Brown’s new book set in Florence and dedicated to ‘Dante’s Inferno.

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