June 16, 2014

Inaugural event of the Florentine Centre per Italian fashion in occasion of the 93 edition of Pitti Uomo, “Firenze Hometown of Fashion”. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the Florence Center for Italian Fashion “Florence Hometown of Fashion”, Stefano Ricci gives his city the new lighting of the Ponte Vecchio, with a great aquatic show. Along with a extraordinary and esclusive gala dinner in the Sala Bianca, Palazzo Pitti, in participation of the Maestro Andrea Bocelli.

A show that develops in the Arno, between lights, sounds and emotions, which transports the audience into an atmosphere of dreamlike visions and which takes spectators back in time, to when the river was also a sort of theatrical backdrop.

The new lighting of the Ponte Vecchio – which follows the donation of the new light of the Loggia de’ Lanzi with which Stefano Ricci celebrated the 40th anniversary of his activity, at the end of an unforgettable parade in the Uffizi Gallery – will be at the center of the celebrations will be lit by an exceptional guest, maestro Andrea Bocelli. The tenor himself – whose presence in Florence is offered by Stefano Ricci – will hold a concert on the same day.

To accompany the switching on of the new lighting on the Bridge, symbol of the city, there will also be “Focus de Bassin”, the aquatic show on the Arno, created – thanks to an important partnership that will be announced in the coming weeks – exclusively for Florence, by the French artists of the “Ilotopie” company.

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