October 14, 2022

Il Cuore di Firenze 2022, this year’s charity dinner with over a thousand guests will support the refugee children hosted by the Istituto degli Innocenti. Again for this event, Once Events has decided to flank the coordination of this important charitable initiative.

This year’s mission is to support the project of reception, care and integration of Ukrainian minors hosted by the Istituto degli Innocenti, who arrived from Kiev to Florence to change their lives by escaping war. The event, which is in its fifth edition, took place in Piazza Santissima Annunziata on September 13 and brought together over 1,100 people for the occasion; a record compared to previous years.

The event
The initiative was carried out with the collaboration of Venerabile Arciconfraternita della Misericordia di Firenze, Montedomini, Fondazione Santa Maria Nuova onlus and the Istituto degli Innocenti. The full support of the institutions that have granted their patronage is fundamental: Tuscany Region, Municipality of Florence, Archdiocese of Florence, Confindustria Florence. In support of this project, and to further raise awareness among the guests and Florentine citizens, Wikipedro spoke- through its social channels – about the solidarity that, as per tradition, has been felt in Florence since the 12th century. Present at the dinner, hosted by friend and well-known presenter Stefano Baragli, were Mayor Dario Nardella and the President of the Region Eugenio Giani. The initiative was broadcast live on the Il Cuore di Firenze Facebook page and on the FirenzeToday Facebook page, thanks to the collaboration with the journalist and presenter Andrea Vignolini.

The splendid evening was enlivened by Maestro Roman Lyulkin who performed several arias accompanied on the piano by Maestro Gianni Fabbrini. Finally, a special thank you to the Florentine master goldsmith Penko who will pay homage, at the end of the donations (28.12.2022), to the most generous donor with a work forged specifically for the occasion.

The funds raised will be donated to the Istituto degli Innocenti Ets Foundation to support initiatives aimed at inclusion, education and school, sports and training inclusion of the community of Ukrainian minors. It is possible to donate until the end of December, just connect to the initiative website and click the “Make a donation” button. The Heart of Florence beats ever stronger!

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